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Web Services and Process Management in the Banking Industry

The goal of web services is to create business value. The benefits of web services technology is in process management, seamless software integration and making possible things that were difficult to attain in the past.

"At its heart, Web services is an approach to software design and implementation that allows independently developed and operated units of application software to fit together easily and seamlessly." - Dr. Michael Hammer

Here are some important companies to consider for developing web services.

Web Services by IBM

As we build toward an on demand world, Web services are key technologies that IBM is using today via products like IBM WebSphere® Application Server to help our customers become on demand e-businesses.

Products: WebSphere®, DB2®, Lotus®, Tivoli®


Other Vendors of Web Services

Amberpoint | BEA Systems | Cape Clear Software, Inc. | Computer Associates | DataPower | Digital Evolution | DreamFactory | Empirix | FiveSight | FusionWare | Grand Central Communications | IBM | IONA | iWay Software | Microsoft | Mindreef | NextAxiom |  Optimyz Software | Polarlake | Rogue Wave | Service Integrity | Sonic Software | SOWSIA | StrikeIron | Sun Microsystems | Systinet | webMethods | Westbridge

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WebServices.Org is another useful resource for learning more about the vendors of web services.