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UML Unified Modeling Language

About the Unified Modeling Language (UML)

OMG's Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®) helps you model a business or software system before doing the coding. UML can be used to analyze a system's future requirement and design accordingly.

UML is good with object-oriented languages and environments like C++, Java and C#. You can also use UML to model non object-oriented applications created with COBOL, Fortran or VB.

There are also subsets of UML, called UML Profiles, to help you model fault tolerant, transactional and real-time systems.

UML is also methodology independent. You can use UML irregardless of what methodology you use to perform analysis and design.

Modeling with UML

Structured Diagrams Behavior Diagrams Model Management
Class Diagram
Object Diagram
Component Diagram
Deployment Diagram
Use Case Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Activity Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
Statechart Diagram

To get started with UML, choose a methodology that suits your setup, then choose a UML development tool designed for that specific methodology.


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