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Protecting Yourself from Phishing

Joel Mangilit

Phishing, an Internet fraud affecting electronic transaction security, is a major concern for the banking and financial industry. The purpose of phishing is to get details of a person's financial account (e.g. credit card) which can then be used illegally.

The objective of phishing is to get your bank account number, your credit card number, your passwords, etc. under false pretenses. The scammers usually get these by sending you spam email requesting for such info. There are also websites, pretending to be official websites of another company, that gather your info under false pretense.

Here are steps you can take to protect yourself against phishing:

1. Never send details of your bank account or other financial accounts via email.

2. Visit your bank's official website by typing the URL directly in your web browser rather than clicking on a hyperlink from an email or search result.

3. Look for https on the web browser. The s in http indicates a secured link.

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