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A software layer in a grid computing environment assigns computing resources to where it is needed. The idea of grid computing is to pool resources and shared processing.

For banking and finance, grid computing is already in production for applications such as advanced analytics, calculate loan portfolio and risk management.

Case Study: Deutsche Bank Securities Custody

"They found it took a staff of 110 at the equivalent Banker's Trust IBM mainframe system to do the maintenance and operations Deutsche Bank accomplished with only 16 employees, a cluster of rack-mounted PCs, and a mid-priced Solaris Oracle server."

"They also discovered that the system built with Base One's database and grid software cost less than one-quarter (25%) as much to develop as the equivalent Banker's Trust application." -

Case Study: Deutsche Bank and Sun Grid Engine

"Deutsche Bank has also introduced Sun Grid Engine software (formerly Sun ONE Grid Engine), and claims to have reduced its TCO through better resource utilization. With a grid solution in production in Germany, the bank is planning to roll out grid configurations in London, New York, and Singapore." -

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