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Deutsche Bank Bauspar and ArcStyler

Project: Deutsche Bank Bauspar AG chose the ArcStyler as its development platform
Benefits: Help the IT department enforce its architectural style by automating the procedures

Model the business logic of the application at a high level of abstraction independent of a specific technology

Automatic code generation capabilities

Requirements: 'Web extension' to the existing Host functionality

Cobol components to be mapped to Java-enabled counterparts

Communication interface for the dynamic transfer of the data

Solution: XML-based logic used to describe the Cobol components and Host data structures for access by an application server

XML4Cobol system is called by Enterprise Java Beans

Access the Cobol components represented in the form of XML structures

ArcStyler to model the entire system and generate the executable infrastructure

Several UML models describe the complete application at various levels of abstraction

Models are used to automatically generate code optimized for the Application Server

Session Beans for the Host functionality interface

Entity Beans for the management of the 'unverified' data

XML communication infrastructure


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